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How To

Here we show quick tutorial how to build your own application.

Step 1

Create code ads in admob then enter your app name. Select your ad format then save the code to put into Fizery Engine

Step 2

Sign in to your Fizery account and then create your application. Choose templates and fill the application form and another need requirements like question, answer, custom image, etc and do not forget to put your admob ads code to Fizery

Step 3

Download your apk and upload it on Google Developer Console. Setup and prepare all requirements to publish to Google Play Store. Enjoy your own app!

Step 4

Get your passive income from Google Admob after reach payment thresholds minimum $100

What is Fizery?

Fizery comes from the word fish which is a symbol of luck.

Fizery.com is Free Android Engine to build Android game or application without coding and you can get income from advertisement network by uploading android file (APK) to Android Market.

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